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We are improving molecular diagnostics

We are improving molecular diagnostics

Everything we do is driven by a desire to improve quality of life. Our purpose is to deliver innovation into molecular diagnostics.

Everything we do is driven by a desire to improve quality of life. Our purpose is to deliver innovation into molecular diagnostics.


GeneSpector provides a unique solution for rapid Covid-19 detection.

  • viRNAtrap™ Collection Tube inactivates the infectious agents developed for save operations at ambient temperature
  • viRNAtrap™ Extraction Kit (CE IVD) is a best-in-class solution for fast and high throughput extraction at any open automated platform or when using manual work-up
  • high-quality CE IVD PCR kits for fast COVID-19 detection
  • triplex COVID-INFA-INFB

Flexibility of the range of our products allows implementation into any single laboratory.

GeneSpector – Resaliva

GeneSpector provides an innovative solution for detection of Covid-19 in saliva.

  • RESALIVA Collection Tube utilises an absorption sponge to collect saliva samples
  • Clinically proven to be as accurate as a nasopharyngeal swab (98.8 % match)
  • Easy-to-use, pain-free, and comfortable collection method suitable even for children
  • Safe sample collection ensuring no ambient spread of droplets
  • Compatible with GeneSpector CE IVD PCR kits for proven, fast, and reliable Covid-19 detection

Product is suitable for self-testing in schools, companies, or factories.

Discover our products AND pipeline

Collection Tubes

We offer two innovative collection tubes. First of which we have developed a unique DNA/RNA transport and storage medium that immediately inactivates the viruses ensuring safety of your laboratory personnel.  viRNAtrap™ Collection Tubes preserve the genetic integrity of samples at ambient temperature for weeks. Second of which is RESALIVA™ utilises an absorption sponge to collect saliva samples which is easy-to-use, pain-free, and comfortable.

Extraction Kit

Our fast and robust nucleic acid extraction is based on magnetic beads technology. viRNAtrap™ Extraction Kit can be used for manual and automated nucleic acid purification on any open platform. The kit consists of 4 bottles not requiring controlled temperature storage. The isolation process takes 10 minutes only and enables true high-throughput extraction.



PCR Diagnostics

We have developed a high-quality PCR kit for rapid COVID-19 detection. The protocol is designed for about 60 minutes run time that allows laboratories to deliver the results much faster to patients and doctors.

Our break-trough triplex PCR kit of COVID-INFA-INFB will provide fast confirmation of the infection type. All kits are CE IVD certified.


We are developing and optimizing a next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based methods that enable rapid and robust identification of pathogens in nasal swabs and other similar clinically relevant materials.

This protocol may thus rapidly identify whole spectrum of pathogens in clinical materials and may help in differential diagnosis and specific treatment of patients with various types of infectious diseases.




Our goal is to improve molecular diagnostics. We work towards expanding our testing flow beyond COVID-19, targeting detection of other infectious diseases.

viRNAtrap™ Extraction Kit for full blood, serum, and plasma

Q1 2021

  • 30% 30%

New approach for Sample Collection

Q2 2021

  • 10% 10%



We have designed our viRNAtrap™ Collection Tubes, viRNAtrap™ Extraction Kit, PCR kit for rapid COVID-19 detection to fit the needs of any laboratory. Our system provides a robust and safe solution for high-throughput COVID-19 diagnostics. therefore, We are open to expand our current customer base by partnering with global players and/or channel partners from all geographies. Get in touch with us.

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We are improving molecular diagnostics

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